Flag Hauling company logo featuring stylized backdrop of Flagstaff's iconic landscape.
Flag Hauling company logo featuring stylized backdrop of Flagstaff's iconic landscape.

About us

"The most professional and trusted business in Flagstaff Arizona for all your junk hauling, debris removal, demolition, excavation, and snow removal needs!"

Our Story

Flag Hauling’s journey began with a simple idea from Jesse Hanley, a guy deeply rooted in Flagstaff, aiming to provide top-notch demolition, excavation, junk, and snow removal services. His connection to the area, coupled with a strong sense of responsibility towards the community, has always been at the core of our operations. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Jesse inherited a relentless work ethic and a commitment to not just do a job, but to do it with the community’s welfare in mind.

Under Jesse’s leadership, Flag Hauling has grown to be more than just a service provider; it has become a vital part of the Flagstaff community. We approach every project with professionalism, yet maintain the personal touch that our neighbors deserve. Our mission is clear: to keep our slice of Arizona clean and beautiful, ensuring that every job contributes positively to the community we cherish. This balance of expert service and local commitment makes Flag Hauling your go-to partner for keeping Flagstaff looking its best.

Why Work with Flag Hauling

Opting for Flag Hauling goes beyond service excellence; it’s choosing a team deeply committed to customer satisfaction and thorough in every project, with a keen focus on benefiting the Flagstaff community. Our expertise in demolition, excavation, junk, and snow removal is coupled with an understanding of local needs, ensuring services are not just effective but specifically tailored for our clients. This dedication to quick, efficient solutions and meticulous attention to detail makes us the preferred choice for those valuing quality, community respect, and environmental integrity in Northern Arizona.

Our Services

Flag Hauling proudly offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to the needs of the Flagstaff community, including demolition, excavation, junk removal, and snow removal. Each service is meticulously designed to address the unique challenges our clients face, ensuring efficient, precise outcomes. Under Jesse Hanley’s personal oversight, our team delivers quality service, leveraging local knowledge to ensure every project reflects the high standards our community deserves. From the removal of unwanted debris to preparing land for new construction, Flag Hauling is your trusted partner in maintaining and enhancing the beauty and functionality of Flagstaff.


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Community Involvement

Dedication to community service is at the heart of Flag Hauling. Beyond our core services, we actively participate in local projects, charities, and events aimed at improving the well-being of our Flagstaff community. Whether it’s contributing to environmental clean-ups or supporting local initiatives, our commitment to giving back is unwavering. These efforts not only help to strengthen our community bonds but also underscore our belief in making a tangible, positive difference beyond the scope of our business.

Meet Jesse

Jesse Hanley, the founder of Flag Hauling, embodies the spirit of Flagstaff in his work and his way of life. Born and raised here, Jesse’s passion for the outdoors and dedication to his hometown shine through in every project. His journey from helping his family’s businesses to creating his own reflects a deep-rooted commitment to hard work, community, and environmental stewardship. Jesse’s story is one of local pride and the drive to contribute meaningfully to the community that has shaped him.

"The most professional and trusted business in Flagstaff for all your junk hauling, debris removal, demolition, excavation, and snow removal needs!"

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