Flag Hauling company logo featuring stylized backdrop of Flagstaff's iconic landscape.
Flag Hauling company logo featuring stylized backdrop of Flagstaff's iconic landscape.


Looking to get rid of snow on your property this winter?

Flag Hauling offers efficient snow removal services in Flagstaff and across Northern Arizona to keep your driveways, sidewalks, and parking lots clear and safe.

Service Overview

When winter blankets Northern Arizona in snow, Flag Hauling is here to ensure your property remains accessible and safe. Specializing in comprehensive snow removal services for both residential and commercial properties, our team is equipped with the latest snow plowing, blowing, and shoveling equipment, including Bobcats for efficient driveway plowing. From small residential walkways to large commercial parking lots, we’re prepared to tackle the challenge, ensuring timely and effective snow clearance.

Our Snow Removal Services:

Driveway Plowing (With Bobcat)

Fast and efficient clearing of driveways to ensure your home or business is accessible even after heavy snowfall.


Perfect for precise snow removal around landscapes, walkways, and tight spaces where larger equipment can’t reach.

Snow Shoveling

Manual snow removal for decks, steps, and other areas needing a delicate touch.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Keep your sidewalks safe and clear of snow and ice, preventing slips and falls.

Parking Lot Snow Removal

Comprehensive clearing services for commercial parking lots, ensuring your business can operate smoothly throughout the winter months.

Why Choose Flag Hauling for Snow Removal?

Flag Hauling is your trusted partner for snow removal in Northern Arizona, known for our reliability, speed, and attention to detail. Our experienced team uses the best equipment and techniques to remove snow quickly, minimizing disruption to your daily activities. We understand the challenges of Northern Arizona winters and are committed to providing services that ensure the safety and accessibility of your property all season long.

Get Ahead of the Snow This Winter

Don’t let snow slow you down. Contact Flag Hauling today to arrange your snow removal services and enjoy a winter free from the worry of snow accumulation. Our flexible scheduling and comprehensive services are designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring a clear, safe property throughout the snowy months.