Flag Hauling company logo featuring stylized backdrop of Flagstaff's iconic landscape.
Flag Hauling company logo featuring stylized backdrop of Flagstaff's iconic landscape.


Overwhelmed by unwanted junk on your property?

Flag Hauling specializes in thorough junk removal services in Flagstaff and throughout Northern Arizona, making decluttering hassle-free.

Service Overview

Flag Hauling offers a wide range of junk removal services designed to tackle clutter in all forms. Whether it’s old appliances, bulky furniture, or yard waste, our team is equipped to handle it all. We provide efficient, eco-friendly disposal options for households and businesses alike, ensuring your space is clean and clutter-free. Our services extend across Northern Arizona, offering reliable solutions for bulk trash pickup, electronic waste disposal, and more.

Junk Removal Services We Offer:

Bulk Trash Pickup

Clear out large volumes of trash with ease

Appliances Removal

Safe disposal of outdated or broken appliances.

Electronics Removal:

Eco-friendly recycling for all types of electronic waste.

Hot Tub/Jacuzzi Removal

Expert dismantling and removal of old hot tubs.

Furniture Pickup

Hassle-free removal of unwanted furniture items.

Green Waste Removal

Responsible disposal of yard and garden waste.

Clean Outs

clean-out services for apartments, houses, garages, sheds, and storage units, ensuring your spaces are clutter-free and ready for use.


Before After

Rubbish Clean-Up

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Driveway Removal

Before After

Site Clearing

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Green Waste Clean-Up


Need a do-it-yourself junk removal solution?

Our 16 Yard Dumpster Rental service is perfect for your larger cleanout projects. This service includes:

Ready to Clear the Clutter?

Choosing Flag Hauling means opting for a cleaner, clutter-free property without the stress. Our dedicated team prioritizes efficient service and eco-friendly disposal methods, ensuring that your junk removal project is handled professionally. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, Flag Hauling stands as the top choice for junk removal in Northern Arizona.