Flag Hauling company logo featuring stylized backdrop of Flagstaff's iconic landscape.
Flag Hauling company logo featuring stylized backdrop of Flagstaff's iconic landscape.


Is an old structure on your property ready for removal?

Trust Flag Hauling, the licensed and insured demolition experts in Flagstaff and beyond.

Service Overview

Ready to demolish an outdated structure and pave the way for new development? At Flag Hauling, we specialize in comprehensive, environmentally-responsible residential demolition services across Northern Arizona. Our family-owned business guarantees top-tier service for every project, from small sheds to large homes, ensuring your site is perfectly prepped for its next phase.

Demolition Services

Manufactured and Mobile Home Demolition

Expert removal services tailored for manufactured homes, ensuring safe and clean site preparation.

Stick Built Home Demolition

Precision demolition for stick-built homes, clearing the way for new construction with minimal environmental impact.

Shed and Outbuilding Removal:

Efficient dismantling and removal of sheds, ensuring your property is cleared and ready for new projects.

Porch and Patio Demolition

Professional removal of porches and patios, enhancing your outdoor space’s potential for renovation.

Carpet and Flooring Removal

Quick removal of old carpeting and flooring, preparing interiors for fresh installations.

Asphalt and Concrete Removal:

Specialized services in asphalt and concrete breakdown, perfect for driveway and foundation clearances.

Site Clearing and Land Preparation

Full-service site clearing to kickstart your construction project on a clean slate.

Concrete Breaking and Removal

Safe demolition and disposal of concrete structures, from patios to foundations.

Driveway Demolition

Complete removal of old or damaged driveways, setting the stage for new paving.

Why Flag Hauling is Your Go-To Demolition Partner:

Leveraging over five years of demolition experience, Flag Hauling brings unmatched precision and efficiency to every job. Our commitment to safety, coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of demolition practices, ensures your project is not just completed, but excellently executed. We’re proud to offer environmentally conscious solutions that minimize impact and maximize satisfaction, making us the preferred demolition provider in Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.

Ready to Transform Your Property?

Embark on your construction journey with confidence. Reach out to Flag Hauling to discuss your demolition needs and discover how we can facilitate your project’s success from the ground up.